About Us

A little history about the brand...

Si Commercial 7 ltd. was founded in 1991 with a team of a total of 2 people, which set the base and tone for its distribution network in offering sweets and confectionary foods.

The company was a main distributor of Bulgarian producers such as Kraft Foods; Nestle; Pobeda Burgas; Zaharni Zavodi - Gorna Oryahovitsa and others.

In 2004, Si Commercial became the main exclusive importer and distributor of Lider SKG (a leading Polish producer of biscuits).

In 2006, Si Commercial added Mieszko Polska’s products (chocolates and caramel candies) to its portfolio.

In 2006, the company also started its own production using Italian technology in creating homemade biscuits under the Dolce Della Mamma - Doma brand. In the same year, the company also got certified according to the ISO 22 000: 2005 and HACCP standards.

In the beginning of 2009, Si Commercial began implementing a brand-new, unique production line for the production of cake bars, swiss rolls, cake layers and cakes under the Doma brand.

In 2011 with the launch of a second production line, the company got certified under IFS standards thus reaching the highest level of certification in food safety.

In 2017 the company started working on implementing a third production line.

How we started out

The production of our Doma products started out with the specific recipe and its creation by our team. They aimed to create a product that resembles the taste of freshly-baked, home-made biscuits. We aimed to create biscuits that bring the joy of home and we created them, and named them Dolci Della Mamma (Mom’s homemade biscuits). Why did we choose an Italian name? We chose it because our factory was equipped with state-of-the-art Italian machinery and we liked the name so much that we decided to keep it. Later on, we decided to shorten it by bringing the two vowels Do and Ma together, creating the brand Doma. In every Slavic language Doma is a word that represents home and family and it fit just right in our mission - creating the taste of home-made, high quality products in industrial conditions. The first biscuits recipe was created throughout a lengthy test period and our efforts were rewarded when, after many trials, we reached the perfect taste. And this is how a team of 12 people and a small industrial production line began creating a revolution in the food market.

We loved the process so much that we began thinking about more and more products and how to constantly stay current. Our research found out that the market was in need in more sweet products such as swiss rolls and we began thinking how to create an innovative product in a very classic segment. We dedicated a lot of time to creating the perfect Swiss Roll recipe, which was created using the highest-quality ingredients. The product was different and innovative, but we began producing it because we believed in our goals - creating quality and innovative products. We also established great partnerships with our suppliers, because they were the key factor in our goal of creating high-quality food. Soon after we started testing the market out, we came out with our first line of cake bars called Tortina. With the expansion of the market, we began expanding even faster so in 2011 we started operating a second production line. All of the machinery in our production plant is created by one of the leading Italian companies specialized in industrial machinery for sweets and baked goods.

In 2012, we noticed that there was a new trend expanding on the Western markets concerning packaging and creating a simpler, more elegant packaging. This is when we started working on our innovative “white design” and we were among the first ones to offer such design on the Bulgarian and foreign markets. In 2013 we introduced them at the Anuga and ISM fairs and we can say that today these products distinguish us greatly from our competitors and have become one of our most recognizable elements.

Our team constantly follows the different market trends and is trying to always meet our customers’ wants and needs. This is how we started working and focusing on creating products with all natural ingredients. We started working on honey biscuits with all natural lime honey, and our focus became to create a great product without any preservatives which was a challenge when it comes to a sweet food item that is packaged. We decided that we needed to replace the filling with fruit jam instead of cream in order to make this product happen. A year later, after extensive work and trials, our “Svejest” line was born. We named it after a swiss roll that we remembered from our childhood that had the home-made hip jam filling we all loved. Today, we are proud to offer this line of products without any additives or preservatives and have a unique product without any other competitor on the market. We offer these rolls in hip, prune, peach and fig jam filling and it has become a pioneer for innovation in its category of fast moving consumer goods. Our company is proud to be the leader in the swiss rolls market, with 41% market share for 2016 according to Nielsen.

Our success is due to our incredibly high standards of production, but also high standards in distribution. Doma is the example of what a passionate team’s efforts can lead to. And everything comes down to just one thing - quality.

Our warehouse base is with a total of 2500 sq m. with 3000 pallet spaces with systems put in place for effective storage of goods and logistics operation.

In the beginning of 2017, our company was proud to have won the “Product of the Year” in the category of Swiss Rolls with our product “Svejest”. Our innovative swiss rolls were chosen in a research conducted by Nielsen amongst 2000 customers. This was the biggest research ever done in Bulgaria and it was the first one of its kind, taking into account the customers’ interests and specific needs.

From the second half of 2016, our company has been implementing new innovative processes with LEAN management systems and control, which has helped us increase our production efficiency by 18%.

Our newest product are our home-made inspired “Mama’s biscuits” which are aimed to remind of the old traditional Bulgarian habits and traditions. Every box is uniquely printed with different symbols from the Bulgarian folklore called “shevitsa” - such symbols include the tree of life, the sun, our Earth, the rooster, different geometric sequences which are believed to invoke a lot of Bulgarian history. With this project, we aim to remind people of our 13 century long history and the richness of Bulgarian history. Our biscuits are prepared with spelt flour and buckwheat, as we would like to offer a high-quality, healthy and balanced treat with the best tasting quality there is.