The DOMA brand can express its pride with great pleasure for its years of experience in following the global trends and new technologies, because of the grown in the market of global competitiveness. The company participates in different fairs every year with its own stand, products, catalog of products, products meant for exported sales, and samples of the finished product, where our customers, traders, specialists in the food industry can get more information of our assortment of products.


They have the chance to see us at big fairs such as:
– Кьолн – ” Anuga” 7-11.10.2017
– Атина – “Food Expo Greece”,  10-12.03.2018
– София – “Интерфуд и дринк” 9-12.11.2017
- Qatar – “Agriteq” 20-22.03.2018
Where the SI Commercial 7 presented some of their best products with great successes. We aim to вenlarge our web of partners by participating in these fairs; our goal is to expand the web of partners, sales on the foreign markets, and to present our business and our products.

София – “Интерфуд и дринк”




Кьолн – ” Anuga”


Атина – “Food Expo Greece”,  10-12.03.2018

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