The sweet delicacies of DOMA have been on the market for 14 years now and they prove that when something is made with love it has no chance of not claiming the clients trust. Except for love and heart the products are also created with hard work, intelligence, seeking new styles and tastes, a united team and… a successful manager. For Mr. Sotir Nemov , manager of  "Si7 Comercial" , information is one of the most valuable things. That is why the Doma Evolution  conference in one of the halls of the prestigious business building Capital Fort gathered partners, associates, and people open to learning and continuing forward. Specialists from the Belgian company Puratos and the Dutch company IOI Loders were guest speakers in the event. While more specifically  Sonja Todorova and Mirosлav Slavkovski  from Apriori Skopje were guest speaker for the digital marketing and rebranding of the new packages of DOMA..


The desire for quality starts to become the main feature for a successful business.


The evolution of DOMA was a conference which was organized by the Si7 team of the company. The associates were informed about the global trends in the candy industry, the new technologies they are working with, the company's future plans for launching new products and rebranding as well as improving the recipe of already existing products. The conference represented the new Si7 company which will deal with the distribution of all DOMA products as well as numerous world brands that are an important part of the market in Bulgaria.


At this conference, besides all the useful information and great friendships, guests had the opportunity to taste all the new products that the brand will introduce on the market. The end of the conference was marked with an excellent cocktail party where guests enjoyed the exquisite melodies sung by the Three Tenors.

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